taj tashi

Taj Tashi is re-branded as Pemako Thimphu

Pemako Thimphu

An urban sanctuary in the heart of Bhutan's capital

taj tashi
Pemako Thimphu

Pemako Thimphu is centrally located in the middle of the city. It’s imposing structure dominates the Thimphu’s skyline, mirroring the fortresses ( Dzong ) of ancient Bhutan. The traditional murals and colours adorning the walls and ceilings are a good first introduction to Bhutanese architecture.

Pemako Thimphu offers comfort and luxury. It’s 66 suites and rooms alongside restaurants, bar and tea lounge as well as a swimming pool and world class gym will ensure that you have an enjoyable stay.


Absolute escapism in a haven of pristine nature and spiritual resonance.

Bhutan’s old Summer capital and the official capital city since 1961. The heartbeat of the nation, where traditional meets modern in a seamless blend. The magnificent Tashichho Dzong sits on the West Bank of the Wang Chhu river alongside centuries old temples and hiking trails in every direction.


Elegant, warm and cozy, all rooms and suites are designed to make your stay memorable. Adorned with traditional art splendidly displayed through hand-drawn murals, the rooms are expressions of sublime beauty. Relish sights of the dazzling stars and milky clouds; expanse of lush virgin greens spread over majestic peaks from the rooms.

Inspired Dining

From globally acclaimed luscious cuisines to less known but equally delicious dishes of the Himalayan Kingdom, the hotel’s restaurants are another joint for experimentation, discovery and realization. Within an atmosphere of matchless tranquility, test and taste Bhutan’s famed Ema Datsi; sip and uncover the exclusivity of Suja (salted butter tea).

The Thongsel

Within the vastness of The Thongsel’s rousing setting, you can relish cuisines – internationally acclaimed to the less known indigenous Bhutanese. The Thongsel is not just for your palate. Feel the unexplored joy of rousing your taste buds amidst a locale of fountains, Bhutanese tapestries and prayer wheels; surrounded by Thimphu’s lush mountains.

Chig Ja Gye

The outlet qualifies that small is indeed beautiful and delicious. Take a sojourn of unparalleled and unmatched Bhutanese cuisines. One can begin from the famed salted butter tea and Ema Datshi. There is everything for everyone. Take a sojourn of the country’s unraveled culture of the palates.


Personalized for every lover of tea; from our very own 'Suja', Bhutanese salted butter tea; to other famed “chais” of the world, there is no place better than The Rimps.


Add on to your experiences of the day with a sojourn at the Ara, tailored for relief. At your disposal is Bhutan’s very own ara, unadulterated pure distilled alcohol; indigenous and international cocktails and a variety of other drinks. Waves from the traditional dramnye (guitar) or any other music of your choice, will add to the splendor of the evening.

There's nothing indulgent about taking time for yourself

Indulge your senses, soothe your body and revitalize your spirit

Inspired by traditional Bhutanese medicine known as Sowa-Rigpa, Lotus Realm offers treatments based on the principles of restoring balance and harmony to mind and body


Pemako Thimphu is approximately 1 hour, 20 minutes’ drive ( 50 kms) from Paro international airport. Private transfers can be organized by the hotel. Taj Tashi has been rebranded as Pemako Thimphu.

We invite you on a journey
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